"Fashions fade, Style is eternal" - Yves Saint-Laurent

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What if you decided to improve your appearance?
What do you think could change
in your life?

Do you know that 93% of your image is unrelated 
to what you say?

The reality is that in our society, people rely very much on physical appearance when making judgments about others’ personalities and capabilities.

Like it or not, what you wear and how you wear it, the way you talk and move, your body language, even the type of pen you use or the watch you wear, speaks volumes about you.

It is important to send clear messages about your personality, 
professionalism, career aspirations, attention to details, expertise level, credibility, authority and self confidence.

Put all the chances on your side and dress the part!

How can you make a positive first impression 
with everyone you meet?

Isn’t the image that you have about yourself the most important?
When we feel good about ourselves, we are more confident, we stand straighter, we smile more and we even speak with more conviction.

Françoise can help you to look your best and bring out your best potential.  We will look at :

-      Your Personality
-      Your Colours
-      Your Hairstyle
-      And... Your Shoes!

 Transitioning From Decade to Decade in Style

Through your decades you can evolve with the times without losing your established identity.  You can refresh your brand without going for a complete makeover and attempting to become a new person.

  • Are you stuck in the last decade?
  • Have you been wearing the same make-up for years?
  • Do you choose black because it is safe?
  • Do you want to improve your appearance?
  • Would you like to do something about it?

Dressing with style, having style, knows no age and is a cocktail made of equal parts of sensibility, personality, audacity  (without going to the extreme) and some natural class.  
The best style is authentic, natural and appears effortless. 

Style is the manifestation 
of an attitude and Personal Style is a combination of many things, all of them about your attitude toward yourself and your surroundings.

Being well dressed does not have to mean dressing expensively or being at the cutting edge of fashion. When it comes to looking good, it’s not your size or shape that matters, it’s the fit of your clothes.  Wearing the right clothes is not about following the latest fashion or trend, it’s about choosing what actually suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.  

Clothes cost money whether they suit you or not. Many of us have in our wardrobes garments that still have the price tags on them. Buying things that don't work is VERY expensive!

A well thought out outfit sends a completely different message than wearing something that's thrown together last minute.Knowing how to present yourself well through fashion, style and grooming isn't something taught in college or handed down by stylish moms or aunts. 
Walking into a situation whether it's a business social with clients, a networking lunch, or a blind date with someone, is a totally different experience when you are wearing an OUTFIT that is well thought out.


A European Touch Services are for everybody, women AND men of all ages just like you...  who want to improve their appearance and to develop their unique style.

Invest in yourself!  Once you learn what suits you and what does not suit you, you will know exactly what to buy and what to wear for the rest of your life!